Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Lil Girl

LilGirl 12-14D

Carlene wrote, We got Lexi/Lil' Girl as a companion for our other little dog Pookie. Lil' Girl is so sweet and cute! We love her. She sleeps in bed with us and she follows me around the house and greets me with kisses when I get home.



Ripley 12-14aD

Ripley 12-14bD

Kristi wrote,  I'm Ripley! I'm a 6-year old lab/hound mix. I used to be called "Lucky" but my new mom didn't think that name suited me. I definitely think Ripley is a better name. Makes me feel tough! I was at Rover Oaks since April. Mom said that April to November is way too long for an awesome dog like me to be away from a couch! My big sister works at Rover Oaks and had begged mom to help out by fostering a dog for the holidays. My mom reluctantly agreed since she already has some other dogs in the house. The only thing she asked was that my big sister please bring home a dog that wouldn't mind playing with Arie. Arie is my big sister's dog and she's crazy with energy and just craziness! Mom decided to bring me home to foster thinking I was big and tough enough that Arie wouldn't drive me too crazy. What mom never expected was the me and Arie would be best friends!! Arie is the coolest and loves to play with me, even if I am big. She plays tug of war and squeaky toys and everything!! So, anyway, I am so happy to have my new home with my new mom and all my new brothers and sisters (especially Arie). I'm so glad my new mom and dad let me sit on their laps and sleep on the couch. 

Zepher and Bella

ZepherOrBella 12-14aD

ZepherOrBella 12-14bD

ZepherAndBella 12-14Ds

Carol wrote,  Happy to report Zepher and Bella are doing GREAT.   They get along great - they're both wonderful additions to my family.



Capone 11-14aD

Capone 11-14bD

Chelcie wrote,  In November we adopted this little guy and it has been the best experience. Capone is so well behaved and wants nothing more than to cuddle, even though he's 50lbs at 6 months old. He and our cat are acclimating very well. We couldn't be happier to have this pup in our lives.


Molly 1114aD

Molly 1114bD

 Maria wrote, Molly is the little girl in the house, came to our home on August 28, 2014 after two days of intense searching. Adopt it for my husband and me was something that can not be described in words, give love, affection, care and a home for an abandoned puppy has been one of the most beautiful things we have done as a couple and which has satisfied us more.     The life changes when you have puppy has not been easy, molly is our first daughter was sick and we had to run with it in the early morning but everything we've done with love and dedication that we adore and she loves us we are all she have in life.  Thank God she is already very well pleased with your home, my husband and I we organize to take twice a week to share the park with other dogs and that is one of the activities he likes to sleep with us apart in soil.  Saturday you attend training classes Petsmart with her mom and dad in the evenings takes advantage of her tender face and manages to sleep with us and is currently preparing for their first Christmas as a family holiday. Molly is a loving, tender and spoiled dog, it's a bit fearful but has slowly been growing confidence and security holding She has changed me in every way always present in my days... since when is it not all about her.



Ghledya wrote, 9 months ago I was adopted by a wonderful family who gave me love and moments of joy. Thanks to them, I celebrating my first Halloween. Feeling Happy.


Sugar and Roadie

SugarAnRoadie 7-14Ds

Cathy wrote,   We adopted Sugar several months ago. She is very active and we thought she would like aving another dog in the house to play with. Last month we adopted Roadie and they are now best friends; they even share their beds with each other.



Benito 1114D

Benito 1114Ds

 Barbara wrote,  he first time we held Benito we fell in love with him. He has adapted so well to our family and Chewie! (Who was adopted last year :)) He is the perfect little brother ... We already love him so much.



Karen wrote,   Sienna is doing great in her forever home. She is the sweetest kitty and I am delighted with her. I am enjoying her so much. She loves to be beside me when I am watching TV or reading a book. So happy.



Abby 1014ds

John and Attriya wrote,  I am so happy in my new forever home. I love my new friends and family. I'm so cuddly and love to go for car rides to take my kids to school. I have adjusted well and am greatly loved. From Abby.