Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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PennyaD2 16

PennybD2 16

Charlotte wrote, Miss Penny has been a part of our family for 3 weeks now. I had my eye on her for 2 weeks while my husband was offshore. The first weekend he was back home we went into CAPS to meet her and it was love at first sight! She fits in perfectly in her new home and her and our cat are now the best of friends, literally. She loves walks, toys, and is obsessed with belly rubs! Thanks for our perfect pup, she’s already loved by many. 


Gracie 2 15C

Gina wrote, When we adopted Gracie she was antisocial and could not be bothered with us. But after two weeks she was following us through the house and begging for attention. Although she is a little larger (15 lbs, to be exact) we love her so much. She is now happily living out her senior days with the companionship of Minnie.



Indy 2 16aD

Indy 2 16bD

Stephanie wrote, My Husband (Theo) and I had been searching for a puppy to expand our family for about 6 months when we saw Indy's profile. We istantly thought this might be the little boy we're looking for. My husband agreed to go and meet Indy that next day. Well, it was love at first sight! We adopted him on the spot. We have now had Indy for 1 month now, and he is FULLY integrated into our lives. We love our goofy, energetic cuddle bug! 


Suki 1 17aC

Suki 1 17bC

Terry wrote,  Suki felt at home almost immediately. She's so sweet and cuddly and playful. 


Tiger 1 16C

Sergio and Nancy wrote,  We had really missed having a cat , he is the light of our lives he is very playful and energetic that's just the way we want him.



Chewie 1 16aD

Chewie 1 16bD

Cassandra wrote,  We are so blessed to have Chewie join our family. He is so adorable and sweet. Just a little love bug. The children are nuts about it. He's housetrained and leash trained. We couldn't ask for a more perfect pet. 


Minnie 1 16C

Gina wrote,  Minnie love to play so much! She and the other cat are enjoying each others company and are bonding quickly. She has bonded with us quickly and likes to play fetch. She is so great! 


Hazy 1 16aC

Hazy 1 16bCNathan wrote,  After a few weeks of settling in, Hazy has opened up as a very confident, playful, and affectionate cat! She is sweet and vocal (though soft-spoken), and she spends almost all of her time sleeping or playing nearby me when I'm home. She loves lounging in her bed, jumping in boxes, and casing her foam ball toys. Most of all, I can tell she loves me, and I'm thrilled to return that affection with lots of petting and playing. 

Bruce Porter

BrucePoter12 15aD

BrucePoter12 15bDLaura wrote, Bruce came home and is loving it! He's super sweet and his favorite thing to do is cuddle and snuggle up next to you on the couch. His second favorite is to chase after all of his toys. He's super playful and is adjusting really well to his new home. We're so thrilled to welcome Bruce and to have him a part of our life. And he has the cutest underbite ever! 


Sampson 12 15aD

Sampson 12 15bDJames wrote,  We were very excited to bring Sampson home to join our family. He has brought such joy into our home! He loves long walks, tennis balls and LOTS of belly rubs!