Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Maggie 10-14C

Bill wrote,  Maggie has adapted "perfectly" to our home and loves playing and sleeping on our back porch. She's a sweet pet and we're so pleased to have her as part of our family.



Jenny 9-14aD

Jenny 9-14bD

 Jenny 9-14cD

Rudy and Pamela wrote,  She is a precious dog and has already taken control of our hearts. Here is Jenny with her favorite biscuit and her favorite chair with a view of the front yard.


ShadowBreeze 10-4aC

ShadowBreeze 10-4bC

 Tanya wrote, It was tough deciding which of the three frisky and beautiful black kittens to adopt. All three were sisters. I immediately was drawn to the two medium hair girls, and it was tough to decide, but I picked the beautiful black girl with the grey mane. I named her Shadow Breeze, because she would follow me around the house like a dog, and she was such a breeze when she whipped through the house playing with her toys. Shadow is such a loving kitty. She is the only cat I have had or known who pets you when you pet her. Shadow will purr, mew when she wants you to keep petting her, then she will flip over, roll around, rub my face with her paws and then rub her face on my face, she will lick me and, here is the shocker, let me rub her belly! She was so cute when I brought her home. I placed her in my office with the glass doors. I was surprised to see her in the middle of the room playing, unlike Milo, the other kitten I adopted who was hiding behind the books in the bookcase in his room. What shocked me more was the loud cries that came from her when I walked past the door. She insisted I open the door and let her out. Then she followed me everywhere around the house. The first week she tried to assert herself as the alpha cat in the house. However, she has settled into her role as the beta cat, or at least she lets Milo think he is the Alpha cat. I love this precious treasure who has come to my home and can't envision life without this breath of fresh air, my sweet Shadow Breeze.


Milo 10-14 Ca

Milo 10-14 Cb

Tanya wrote,  I had specific requirements when I decided to add two furries to my home. I wanted kittens, preferably 8-12 weeks old. I wanted a male orange tabby and a female black longhair. I wanted a male kitten that was very vocal and I wanted both kittens to be brave, friendly, people and pet oriented.  When I went on 9/14, I didn't find small kittens in the cat room. Instead I found very beautiful adult cats and many juvenile or near juvenile kittens. I walked around the cattery a number of times looking at all of the cats and kittens and I was drawn to Milo's cage. 1st I loved that he had a litter mate in his cage and that he was very playful. When I took him out and visited with him in the private room, he was very inquisitive. He allowed me to pick him up and pet him.  He stole my heart. It only took two days for Milo, his name means merciful, to acclimate to my home. The second evening he slept in my bed. Milo is my guard kitty, he inspects everyone who comes to the house. He is keen on ensuring that I am using my human litter box correctly, and he has asserted himself as the alpha cat in the house, though he has done so with kindness, pouncing, and constant chatter. Milo is a joy to be around and I am glad that I adopted this frisky, muscular, playful, loving eight month old kitten.  Right now he is in my office with his sister/girlfriend Shadow Breeze looking out the window. They are rubbing shoulders; you would think they were littermates instead of new friends of three weeks.


Cinder 1014aD

Cinder 1014bDNeil wrote, We adopted Cinder several weeks ago and she's quickly made herself at home as you can see. She loves cuddling, is learning to walk on a leash, and has great manners and curiosity. Tennis balls are her preferred toys, and she LOVES watching TV (educational only!). What a cutie!


Lexi 9-14aD

Lexi 9-14bD

Bonnie wrote,  Lexi is adjusting very well to her new home. She has just been with us three weeks but is already part of the family.




Joseph wrote, We adopted Gatsby around 4 months old. He's acclimated very well to his new home. We love him so much. He's the perfect balance to our lifestyle.


Izzy 9-14 C

Luciana wrote, Izzy is doing great, she is a mellow cat, sleeps all day when we not playing and she loves spending time on the sofa on top of our shoulders or bellies.  She is a respiratory infection and sneezes a lot, she had has first vet appointment and she is taking enisl-f for 30 days, going back on the end of the month for her rabies and leukemia and distemper shots.



Ricey 9-14aD

Ricey 9-14bD

Lisa wrote, adopting Ricey last month was one of the best decisions I have made for this family. RIcey is a little over a year old, she's great with the children and she's the sweetest dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She always wants to be next to someone. We are over the moon that she is the newest addition to our family. We will always be her forever home and she will always be forever in our hearts.




 Danielle wrote, We had no intention to adopt on our trip; we were planning on waiting until we moved. Riot had other plans for us. This little girl was one of the first pups we wanted to get to know but someone else had already begun the process for her adoption. We played with some other pups but had not had that real “spark” yet with any. But, as luck would have it Snickers, her caps name, was back up for adoption. We feel in love with her the second we got her in a room to play. Upon taking her home all she wanted to do was play with Daisy (the silver dog).... they have been inseparable since. As for her name she picked it we tried everything to get her attention, finally when we tried Riot she just looked at us sneezed and barked. She has been a Riot since we have had her and a great addition to the family. She is one smart girl who loves to annoy her sister, cuddle with everyone, and give you lots of kisses whether you want them or not. To whoever didn't adopt her that day, I thank you she has helped Daisy come out of her shell and provided us with a family member.