Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Amber writes, My husband and I adopted Anne (or Annie) just before Thanksgiving.  She hid for a few days and we found out on her first vet visit that she had a high fever and possible respiratory infection.  The vet gave her two shots, which she handled like a pro, and some antibiotics.  We tried to give her the medicine in "pill pockets," treats that are hollow and meant to hide pills, but she is very clever and quickly learned to lick off the yummy treat coating and leave the pill.  She is better now and likes to play with us and her new cat sister Bella.  They had a rough start at first, with a lot of hissing on both sides, but now we often find them curled up together or sitting on the same window sill.  Anne's little "mustache" markings have endeared her to her human grandfather who sports a mustache.  Anne was all over the place at Thanksgiving and made sure to get a head pat and ear scratch by every guest before they left. She has been a wonderful addition to our home and we love her more every day.


Jo writes,  Spooky, the black cat  was adopted on October 30,2010. She loves to play with 13 year old Border Collie, Zowie and 8 wk Terrier puppy, Silly. She is very smart and has learned to fetch. She can open any drawer and has learned to take her collar off daily.


otis_2Otis, formerly Kiyoshi, was adopted October 3, 2010. Unfortunately at the time of adoption, he suffered from a respiratory infection, in addition to an eye infection. Poor Otis! Fortunately, with help and great care from CAPS, Otis recovered and is home playing and entertaining us. He has turned out to be a great pet and we enjoy him very much. Thanks CAPS for all your help!


Jeannie writes,  Adopted on Oct. 30, 2010. She is a wonderful Kitty and I love her. We are very happy together. Her name was Mya but I changed it to Goldie because of her beautiful gold colored eyes and the gold colored fur on her tummy.


Max's aunt writes the following,  I was called Shadow, but now Max.  As in "everything to the Max," or "Maximum Speed," or "Maximum Fun," or "Maximum Love and Attention."   Sometimes my family calls me the "gentle giant," whatever that means.  I was adopted on Halloween by the Chernosky family. They have a HUGE fenced backyard where I can run full speed to my heart's content and really stretch out these long legs of mine.  My mom and dad have grandkids that play with me and they know where the dog treats are, too.  They are so much fun. Their granddaughter walks me on my new leash around the backyard and teaches good manners for walking on a leash.  They laugh at me because I'm excited to be on the leash even inside my big backyard.  I've already learned not to pull and to keep some slack in my leash while we are walking.  I'm slowly
learning my new name, but I already have learned how to come and sit and most of the rules in my new home.  I'm learning to shake hands, too.  At night, after I've been running and playing in the yard for the last time, I like to lay next to my new dad while he watches TV.  

 leela 10ac

Laura writes, My husband Al and I adopted "Leela" and renamed her Lexi.  We so love her and she finally loves us!  She was a feral (wild) kitty and hid from us for about a week but now she very seldom stays away from us!  She always sleeps on us or 
with us...her appetite has doubled and she loves to play.  We love her like our own little girl and she so knows it!  I pray every animal finds an owner who loves and appreciates them as much as we love and appreciate Lexi!

Jenna writes,  I adopted Claire on February 25, 2010.  I renamed her as Ava, but often refer to her as Monkey because of her long tail and her "monkey" ways.  She loves to talk, climb, chase her tail, run and is very very curious.  She's a fast learner and knows a lot of tricks.  Hopefully I can find her a little partner in crime one day!

Jim writes, she has settled in and getting use to her new home.


Megan writes,  My family and I saved Chance about a month ago and welcomed him into our home! He loves to lay on the couch with the blanket and with his new dog brother Bruce. We adopted Chance because he is like Bruce. They are both Pit Bulls mixed with another breed of dog. They both have short little legs and long bodies with the Pit Bull features, VERY FUNNY! I feel very blessed, Chance just needed some big time TLC, he is such a good dog I am amazed sometimes at how lucky I got when we decided to adopt him! He is like a little human, he just get's everything I say; I feel like he listens better than my kids sometimes! Before we saved him he was adopted and brought back by someone that left him outside all day and then complained about him digging holes in their yard! Well... he has yet to do that to me and my yard, but then again I don't leave him outside for 8 hrs. a day! He is a great dog and we love him so much!



His family writes, I  saw Lola on the internet and fell in love with her instantly and went to CAPS to adopt her that very day. She was in a cage with Lenny (aka Roland) and the next day I called and said I wanted him too. So here we are. It took some time for them to adjust but I'm so glad I adopted them both. Lola seems so happy to be here and Lenny is very laid back and just goes with the flow. Lola is the leader and seems to get Lenny to do her dirty work. We love them so much!