Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Arta writes, I adopted Jorye after my 15 year old had to be put down because of complications due to diabetes around May or so. My other cat and I were having a hard time with the loss. She had so much personality and the house felt very empty without her. I came to CAP with the intention of getting an older cat to go along with my 5 year old. Jorye was 8 and had the sweetest personality. It was love at first sight for me. He has added so much love and joy back into my life and my other cat Blackies life. When looking for a cat to adopt don't rule out an older cat, they still have lots of life and love to give.

owenlich80djpg owen80d
Lindsay writes,  I had been looking for a dog for a few months at shelters every chance I had when I found Owen on the Caps website. His foster mom took wonderful care of him nursing him back to health. We finally adopted him on 8/27/10 and, he,has fit right into our family.  He immediately walked in and sat on,the couch like he was meant to be here. He loves his walks. He has definitely found a forever home with,us!!  We love him!!

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Manazi writes,  We adopted Hunter (White w/ black and brown spots-German Short hair,Pointer) and Layla (Black lab) on March 29, 2010.  We have had them for,about 5 months now and have really enjoyed them.  They are always waiting,to greet us after a hard day at work.  We walk them twice a day unless its,raining, and this has encouraged everyone in the family to get out and get,some exercise.  I'm not saying that everything is perfect (there has been,the occasional shoe eaten, book torn, and accidents) but we can't imagine,not having them. 

daisy80ad daisy80bd
Daisy, adopted by Jack.

Jeanne writes,  I tell everyone who see them what great pets they are and that having a mature animal does not eliminate the fun one bit.

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I am Romeo, I was adopted from your shelter on 8/8/2004.  Yesterday we celebrated 6 yrs with my human family and I could not be happier. I am now between 14-16 yrs young   - - This year has been difficult for me.  In February my mommy took me to get my teeth cleaned like always, but this time I had a bad reaction to the anesthetics, and I was on sub-q fluids and iv for a week.  My grandparents were sad, they thought I was not gonna make it, but my mommy stayed strong and we pulled through. - - Later in June, I tore both my ACLs on my back knees. This time my mommy cried a little, because I could not lift my back legs at all. We went to my vet first thing in the morning, one said surgery, but the other said because of my reaction to the anesthesia, it was best not to.  I was happy when my mommy agreed to no surgery, so they started doing laser therapy and gave me lots of pain meds.  I started going to the vet every other day, but by the second treatment I could walk a little wobbly, but I could go on my own to  the bathroom, my mommy had to take me before.  I had this laser therapy 15 times, then the doctor said I could go swimming, (this I liked very much). - - My mom and I started going to Rummy's Beach Club, is a pretty nice place where I swim with my mom 1 hr a day 3 times a week and now I  walk fine almost with no limp.  We are going to keep on going until the day I take my last breath my mommy says, because she wants me healthy and strong. - -  I am proud to say, that when we went to the vet last week, he said no more laser and no more paind meds..hurray for me.  Because I was taking tramadol every 6 hrs and gabapentin twice  a day plus I was getting an Adequan shot once a week.  Now I am only going to need the Adequan once a month for my arthritis in my front legs, which have gotten better with the swimming I might add. - -  I want to give thanks to the CAP for having giving me the opportunity to have found such a loving mommy and grandparents who spoil me rotten. Thank you so much!  In the pictures I am at  Rummys Beach Club  swimming with my mommy and by myself.  I am very handsome and courageous like my mom says. - -   Romeo.

HBClioHappiness comes in all shapes and sizes - all ages, too!  During the summer months, we see many tiny kittens come our way on their journey to finding a forever home, but we see many adult cats as well.  Last summer, we had the pleasure of meeting a gorgeous long-haired brown tabby girl named Clio, eight years old and found as a stray.  We like to think she was looking for the perfect family.  This past year Clio was adopted and returned (for needing too much attention) and spent a lot of time with her foster mom Nancy.  It took a little time, but Clio has finally found her "purr"-fect home.  HBClio-2As it turns out she is very fond of her new dad, and she is loved even more in return.  It's a match made in heaven! From the Milligans, her adoptive family:

"We are all madly in love with Clio!  My husband will have her doing tricks before you know it because she adores him.  He has called home at least 6 times today just to ask what she is doing.  I can't say enough about how much we love her.  She is the sweetest spirit and I truly believe she was meant to be mine to love.

Thank you forever for the gift that this sweet baby is!"

susiebailey70cs bailey70c susie70c
VeAnne and Bill write,  We are very happy to have Bailey and Susie (formerly Mary Richards) join our family on July 18th.  As you can see, both the girls are content with their home.

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Felipe and Amanda write,   Bart (formally Bob) is a very playful and happy puppy. I ended up getting matched with Bart by accident. A good friend of mine was looking for a dog so I went to CAPS with him. I got attached to Bart right away but my friend wanted to get an older dog who was less likely to get adopted. He ended up taking Homer home and I ended up adopting Bart. Both of us are very happy with our pets and hope others who adopt find their match as well.


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Debra writes, Duckie (black & brown dachsund) came to our home on June 13th, 2010. I adopted him when Shortie visited him on June 11th and verified it was okay.  Duckie does pull up grass and dig. We do work on that. Normally quiet, Duckie does bark at and chase squirrels, cats and birds when they come into our yard.  We love and find him adorable.  As you can see, Shortie & Duckie take naps together after playing and guarding the home.