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CAPGala2016SmJoin CAP on 11/12/16 for the 30th Annual Celebrity Paws Gala at the Royal Sonesta Hotel to celebrate our Honorees and benefit Houston's homeless pets.

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Summer Lovin

SummerLovinSm2016From 7/1-8/31, get in on the sizzling summer savings at CAP with 50% adoption fees for dogs/cats/puppies/kittens! VIP's go home for free! Sponsored by West Houston Subaru.

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Emergency Flood Relief

FloodsHelp us help other shelters working to rescue animals from the flood.  CAP is setting up an emergency trailer and also asking for donations of dye-free wet and dry food, litter, and other sundries. Buy and ship through Amazon smile or we will happily receive your donations at the shelter.

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Cat/Dog Days of Summer

CatDogDays2016Find your best friend for less this summer @ CAP! From 6/1-8/31, 50% off all cats & kittens, dogs & puppies; cats over 3 and VIP dogs are fee free! Sponsored by West Houston Subaru.

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Papa John's Pizza

PapaJohnsOrder online from the 1514 South Mason Rd location of Papa John's Pizza using the code "animalcap" and CAP will get 20% of the sale.  Eat pizza, save lives!

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Share the Love 2016

subaru sharetheloveWest Houston Subaru and Subaru of America donated more than eighty thousand dollars to CAP in 2016!  Their generosity has helped underwrite more than three thousand adoptions in the last five years. Thank you Subaru for saving more lives!

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2016 CAP Calendar

CapCalendar2016The 2016 CAP Calendar has arrived! Let the adorable faces of CAP fosters and adoptees bring happiness and light into every day of this year and support CAP's award winning foster care program for homeless pets. Calendars are only $10/each - pick up yours today!

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Subaru Winner!

Margaret Murray of Richmond, Texas won the Subaru in the CAP Gala Raffle this year.  Congratulations Margaret and a big thank you to all those supporters who participated in this year's raffle as well as to West Houston Subaru for their generous donation that made the raffle possible.

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Save Lives, Win a Subaru!

SubaruRaffle2016Buy a raffle ticket for your chance to win a 2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i, generously donated by West Houston Subaru. $50 per ticket; only 1,500 tickets printed! The winner will be announced at the CAP Celebrity Paws Gala on 11/12/16. You do not have to be present to win. All proceeds benefit CAP.
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VIP Tours

VIPToursJoin CAP for behind the scenes tours of the shelter on select dates. See our vets in action, get the low-down on our spay/neuter clinic and learn more about CAP's role in the community.  Be a VIP for animals and visit our state the art shelter!

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Paws to Pavement 2016

MarathonSmCAP, is proud to be an official participating charity for the Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Half Marathon and ABB 5K to be held 1/16/2016.  This annual multi-race event embodies the spirit and energy of the citizens of Houston, Texas. Join us!

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

BrrrBrrrr—it's cold outside! The weather does not usually get below freezing in Texas so often people do not consider the dangers that cold weather poses to outside pets. Read our cold weather tips to keep your furry friend warm all season long.

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Healthy for Life

Dear JoAnne: 

I grew up without pets but I was always "adopting" my neighbors' cats and dogs, so I knew once got my own home, I would get a pet.  Last week I signed my first lease and adopted a beautiful tabby kitten. She's so fun and playful - I want her to stay that way!  How do I make sure she stays healthy for life?

New Parent

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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Dear JoAnne:

It's getting hot out there!  I just got a puppy last week and am worried about these crazy sky high temperatures.  How can I protect my new little guy?

Hotter than Hades

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Fight Pet Theft

microchipFight the trend of pet theft by micro-chipping your pet.  Until pets learns to use the phone, CAP can help them find their way home with micro-chips.  We offer micro-chipping from 10AM-6PM daily for a one-time cost of only $30.  Come in today and have peace of mind for years to come.

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The Cat's Caress

kitty-rubHas your cat ever rubbed or butted heads with you?  This is the ultimate sign of affection but it’s also a exceptional form or communication!  Rubbing and bunting are ways to spread pheremones, the cat's ultimate arsenal of non-verbal messages.  So the next time you feel your feline friend brush up against your leg, settle in for cuddle time - you may find yourself purring along!

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Transport Your Pet Safely

I live out in the country and have a pickup truck.  My dog, Jackson, loves riding in the back - he barks at everything and is always jumping around, having a great time.  I usually drive really slowly when I have Jackson back there but I was wondering how safe it is. Thanks, Along for the Ride

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Indoor Cats Weigh in on Exercise

fatkittyWhen your indoor cat is taking up more room on the couch than you are, it may be time to become your cat's personal trainer.  In addition to putting your cat on a healthy diet, give your kitty a gauntlet of activities - from stalking catnip-laced "prey" to running through a paper-bag maze to chasing the cat dancer - and watch those pounds melt away. ]]> Latest News Wed, 28 Jul 2010 20:13:35 +0000 Microchips & Your Pets

Dear JoAnne,

A few weeks ago my dog went missing and after a lot of searching, posting notices, and going to area shelters, we finally found her at the pound.  We fixed the hole in our fence but I'm afraid she's going to somehow get out again.  Is there anything I can do to protect her and still give her some yard time every day?

Sir Lost a Lot

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Understanding Indoor Cat Marking

Xanadu, my one-year old Abbysinian, is really playful and full of energy.  He's great with litter box but he pees in different parts of the house.  I think he's marking his territory - what should I do?  Regards, X Marked the Spot

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