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CAPSummer2014SMFind your best friend for less this summer at CAP! From July - August, 50% Adoption Fees for all cats / kittens, and fee waived on cats over 3 years, VIP cats and dogs. Sponsored by West Houston Subaru.

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Save Lives, Win a Subaru!

2015SubaruLegacyBuy a raffle ticket for your chance to win a 2015 Subaru Legacy, generously donated by West Houston Subaru. Only 1,500 tickets printed! The winner will be announced at the CAP Celebrity Paws Gala on 11/22/14. You do not have to be present to win. All proceeds benefit CAP.

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Subaru Photo Contest

SubaruPhotoThink your furry best friend can be the new face of Subaru? Just take a picture of your pet in a Subaru and you can win big! Participants can email entries to, mail or drop their entries by the dealership @ 17109 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77094. March 1-31, 2014.




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Share the Love!

ShareLoveCheck2014On Monday, March 10th, Subaru presented a generous donation to CAP to underwrite low-cost adoptions.  Thank you West Houston Subaru for making CAP your 2013 charity of choice in the Share the Love campaign and find more forever homes for Houston's homeless pets!

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$20 Microchip!

LostDogWhy microchip? 1 out of every 3 pets is lost during their lifetime but only 1 in 10 is found. Protect your pet for less at CAP M-F 10AM-5PM with the CAP Microchip Flyer!

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CAP loves Kids!

CAPLovesKidsHelp your child become an ambassador for our four-footed friends. Whether joining other young humanitarians in the Meow Bow Wow Buddies or touring the shelter with their scout troop, kids can discover the joy and wonder of befriending animal companions through our humane education and outreach programs.

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

BrrrBrrrr—it's cold outside! The weather does not usually get below freezing in Texas so often people do not consider the dangers that cold weather poses to outside pets. Read our cold weather tips to keep your furry friend warm all season long.

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Healthy for Life

Dear JoAnne: 

I grew up without pets but I was always "adopting" my neighbors' cats and dogs, so I knew once got my own home, I would get a pet.  Last week I signed my first lease and adopted a beautiful tabby kitten. She's so fun and playful - I want her to stay that way!  How do I make sure she stays healthy for life?

New Parent

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Bissell Award

BissellThe Bissell Pet Foundation recently awarded CAP with a grant to help us save more lives in 2014! Congratulations to all the staff, volunteers, and supporters who made receiving this grant possible.

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Subaru Winner!

SubaruWinner2013On Saturday, Nov 23, Christina Hernandez won the CAP Gala Raffle 2014 Subaru Subaru Forrester 2.5i, generously donated by West Houston Subaru. Congratulations Christina and thank you to all the raffle ticket buyers and West Houston Subaru for saving more lives!

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4 Stars Again!

4StarSquareBWFor the twelth year consecutively, Charity Navigator has issued CAP a four star rating.  Less than one percent of American charities have received this rating for so many years in a row, so thanks to our staff and supporters for making CAP such an outstanding organization!

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CAP Wins!

100K 2013 BDGES BESTDVSN 1CAP recently won Division Four of the 2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge! CAP facilitated 1,807 adoptions over the summer, the 625 adoption increase from last year securing the win. A big thank you to our staff, volunteers, donors, and of course, adoptive families who made this possible!

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Kat Kennels!

cat-kennelsMore kitties are coming into CAP looking for homes and until they find their new families, these furr-bulous felines need a fun and safe place to sleep and play. Help us house our new friends by donating a bloom cagetoday!

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CAP Wins FastStart

FastStartSmCAP won the FastStart prize for placing first in our division this month in the ASPCA Challenge. We placed 232 more animals this year than during the same period last year. Thanks to all of our staff, volunteers, donors and of course, adoptive families for saving more lives!

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Featured on ASPCA

KickOffSuccessCAP is a contestant in the 2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge and was recently featured in the ASPCA Professional Blog. "Keeping Up with the Contestants, Part 4: An Affair to Remember" covers our Challenge Kick-Off, where we adopted out a record 208 animals in one weekend!  Thanks to all out supporters, volunteer, staff, and adoptive families who made this event a big success!

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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Dear JoAnne:

It's getting hot out there!  I just got a puppy last week and am worried about these crazy sky high temperatures.  How can I protect my new little guy?

Hotter than Hades

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Crosby & Critters

CrosbyLibraryCAP was featured in the Lake Houston Observer last week for a community outreach event at Crosby Branch Library. The focus of the talk was on growing these young children's natural compassion and empathy for animals. Learn more about how CAP is helping to create the future champions of animals through our Community Outreach program.

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Parvo Alert

sick-puppyDoes your canine family member have severe gastrointestinal symptoms?  Your dog may have a virus called parvo, a highly contagious, acute disease that can affect dogs of all ages, but most commonly infects puppies.  Make sure your four-footed friend, whatever the age, is vaccinated to defend against this deadly threat and if they are unvaccinated and showing symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

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Same Day Project

Barney 6-2bDUnite more homeless pets with loving families!  The sooner we can post photos of animals as they arrive at the shelter, the sooner we can find them homes.  Donate today to make our Same Day Project a reality!

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Memorial Hermann

wags to wishesStaff and volunteers at Memorial Hermann Hospital chose CAP for a donation drive and brought by five boxes of items from our wish list as well as $1500! Way to go Memorial Hermann!

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