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Jaden, 24332064, is a cute and inquisitive little fella.    NOTE:  The ASPCA recommends Hamsters as pets ONLY for persons 7 years or older and the child should be supervised by an ADULT.
IMPORTANT:  The enclosure should be placed away from direct sunlight and drafts, and lined with an absorbent bedding such as timothy hay, aspen shavings, shredded paper or pelleted bedding.  CAUTION:  NEVER use cedar OR pine shavings as bedding, as the phenols are very strong and cause serious respiratory, skin, coat and liver problems.  Learn to properly care for your hamster. http://www.aspca.org/sites/default/files/upload/images/hamster_edu.pdf

Penny Love

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Penny Love 24518854 is a sweet young lady who is really wishing someone would give her a loving, permanent home. She will make a great companion.