Pandora 19584744 4-7-13Rabbit

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Pandora is a 2 year old, medium size, female white with black Hotot/English Spot mix bunny.  This beautiful girl has Cleopatra eyes and a gentle personality.  She is not outgoing, but not unfriendly or shy.   NOTE: The House Rabbit Society recommends Rabbits as pets only for persons at least eight and older. Even then a child should be supervised by an ADULT.  The ASPCA states that Rabbits are physically delicate and fragile. They require specialized veterinary care.


sansa 20034155 MAIN

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Sansa is a cute little girl who was surrendered by her previous owner because they had too many animals. Please consider giving her a chance in your home.


Coco 22423646 4-13-14Main

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Coco 22423646 is a sweet kitty with lovely green eyes. She is sure you would not leave her here without giving her a chance to show her affectionate personality.



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Baby 19622245 is a cute fawn and white color mouse who will provide many hours of entertainment with his endless curiosity and playful attitude. For proper care of Baby, see mouse care information at



Max NotCherokee14791436 4-13-14a

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Max 22204953 is very happy Foxhound/Beagle mix who smiles a lot. Why is he smiling? Because he knows you are on the way to pick him up and give him a happy, forever home.