Rabbit friends


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**** NOTE: The House Rabbit Society recommends Rabbits as pets ONLY for persons at least eight and older. Even then a child should be supervised by an ADULT.  The ASPCA states that Rabbits are physically delicate and fragile. They require specialized veterinary care.  Learn about Rabbit care BEFORE  you adopt.   http://www.rabbit.org/care/index.html  ****


Jet 24053358 1014MAIN

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Jet, 24053358, is a playful young man with beautiful eyes and a pleasing personality that you will find hard to resist.


Sapphire 23475232 MAIN

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**** Sapphire, 23475232, is a sweet and active Foxhound, Australian Cattle Dog mix weighing about 35 lbs.  She likes other dogs and is a playful and loving.  She was found as a stray, but the finders could only keep her. Please come meet Sapphire and give her the forever home she deserves.  ****