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NOTE:  The House Rabbit Society recommends Rabbits as pets ONLY for persons at least eight and older. Even then a child should be supervised by an ADULT.   The ASPCA states that Rabbits are physically delicate and fragile. They require specialized veterinary care.  Learn how to properly care for your Rabbit.    www.rabbit.org/care/index.html


Baby Beluga

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Baby Beluga is an 8 month old, male, fairly large, red tabby and white DSH, who is only here because he was unwanted, though how such a friendly, kissy, snuggly boy could not be wanted is a complete mystery.  He is not a big talker like some cats, but he does talk a little.


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Emerald 28231904 is a handsome Australian Cattle dog, Retriever mix weighing 42lbs.  He is friendly and well behaved at the shelter and not much else is known about him because he came to the shelter as a stray.  Now at 2 years old, he is looking for his forever home. Please come meet the cuddly guy and give him the loving home he needs and deserves.