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Rocky, 23775955, is a cute and inquisitive little fella.    NOTE:  The ASPCA recommends gerbils as pets only for adults or for older children who have mastered proper handling techniques. Gerbils can be easily injured by unintended rough handling. NEVER pick up a gerbil by the tail as he might suffer serious injury.


Sunny 23562226 MAIN 10-14

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**** cage mates Eli 23892878, Rocko 23935828 and Sunny 23562226 are a mixed bag of babies, unrelated except through having the same foster mom, Pam M. Eli is a super friendly, 5 month old, black, DLH male, while 2 month old Rocko, one of the cutest kittens ever, could be his tiny twin. Sunny, a red tabby DLH,.  ****


Balcor 24038856 MAIN10-14

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**** Balcor, 24088856, is a large, even for his 56 lbs, very dramatic, almost stately looking, dog. He is tan and chocolate in color with soulful, golden eyes. He is 2 years old and known to be good with other dogs and older children.  He is here because another facility sent this handsome boy because they thought he deserved a second chance at a happy, forever home. But this is his last chance so please go meet and hopefully adopt him. ****