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AriflokiThere is only one thing better than a fluffy, cuddly rabbit.... two rabbits! Adorable rabbits Ari the Jersey Wooly and Floki the Californian are a bonded pair of boys who are hoping to find a loving home who will be able to keep them together forever. Ari and Floki are very sweet rabbits with soft coats, they love munching on timothy hay and carrots in their spare bunny time.

BugLovable, handsome and an all around wonderful boy, meet Bug the Great Dane/Staffordshire mix. Bug is a great dog who is loved by the staff at CAP and is considered a staff favorite and VIP (Very Important Pet). If you are looking for a loyal, lap-loving big boy than look no further! Bug loves meeting new people of all ages and gets along well of female dogs. Since Bug is one of our VIPs, you can adopt him for 50% off of the adoption fee!

Zora2 1Zora the red tabby is jumping into the adoption game with extra spring in her step thanks to the caring foster care and veterinary staff at CAP.  This beautiful and spunky girl arrived at CAP with a torn achilles tendon and could barely walk. Our veterinary team stepped up and was able to successfully repair the torn tendon. Zora3After the surgery Zora required bandage changes and physical therapy for six weeks, overseen by our foster care and medical staff. Zora has recovered incredibly well and was put forth great effort in her physical therapy with her foster mom. Zora is now ready for adoptions and is eagerly waiting for her forever home, which will hopefully include plenty of fuzzy and feathery cat toys.

StanAOutgoing cuddle bunny Stan is looking for somebunny to love.  Stan is an American Sable rabbit with a very soft aguoti coat, perfect for cuddling.  Stan was adopted in 2012, but returned to CAP when his owners had to move.  While adopted, Stan had the opportunity to get to know a couple of rabbit friendly dogs, and wouldn't mind getting to know more calm and gentle dogs in his new home.  

NOTE: The House Rabbit Society recommends Rabbits as pets only for persons at least eight and older. Even then a child should be supervised by an ADULT. The ASPCA states that Rabbits are physically delicate and fragile. They require specialized veterinary care - see our page on rabbit care.

Cherokee2Intelligent, charming, and always ready for an adventure, 2 year old Boxer/Shar-pei girl Cherokee has all the makings of a wonderful dog. First adopted as a tiny puppy, Cherokee returned to CAP as a beautiful young adult when her owners had to move. Cherokee responds well to positive reinforcement and is always looking to please, with just a little more training she will be the perfect dog. She is very energetic and would love to find an active family.