Featured Adoptions

Tux ~ 20896620 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Tux is an outgoing and friendly boy who has been looking for a home for 4 months, far too long for such a wonderful boy! He loves attention and gets along very well with other cats and is submissive around dogs. Tux is a talkative guy who would love to chat about your day when you get home, a true social butterfly.

Georgette ~ 34572525 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Georgette is a pretty brown tabby girl who knows what she likes, attention, attention and more attention.

Sal ~ 30728202 *Adopted!*

Sal is a handsome kitty with one of the best personalities you will ever meet. He is a very friendly boy who gets along with everyone he meets. Sal is an easy going guy who is happy just being around his family surrounded by love and cuddles. Sal us considered special need because he does have FIV, which is a virus than can be spread to other cats, but not to people.

Coco Love ~ 35532283 *Adopted!*

Coco Love is a much loved staff favorite at the shelter. He is a 2 year old Havana rabbit with a wonderful temperament and will make a great addition to your family. Rabbits require special care, please make sure you can properly care for a rabbit before welcoming one into your home.

Tiger ~ 34190678 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Tiger enjoys playing with his toys (especially the plush ones), sniffing around the yard, going on walks, riding in the car, belly rubs, and sun bathing.

Snowflake ~ 34392327 *Adopted!*

Snowflake is a dream of a dog, she is a lovable and obedient social butterfly. Snowflake came to CAP in the hopes of finding a loving forever home, canine friends are welcome! She loves everyone she meets including little kiddos 6 years and up.