Featured Adoptions

Mittens ~ 36452331 *VIP*

Mittens is my name and loving is my game. I am a sweetheart who wants nothing more than to find a family to cuddle with and a couch to call my own!

Sabrina ~ 36697976 *VIP* * Adopted!*

Sabrina is a young cat at barely a year old and found roaming the streets.

Sam ~ 34075925 *Adopted*

Sam is one of the fluffiest bunnies we have ever seen! 

TomTom ~ 35285800 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Hello, my name is TomTom! I may look big and bad with my crinkly right ear, but I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Laree ~ 31402106 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Laree is a sweet 1 & 1/2 year old cat who was returned to CAP because her owner was facing an unexpected life change.