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Congratulations on adopting your new kitten! Here are some tips from CAP to help you keep your kitten happy, healthy, and growing.You will need supplies, like food, dishes, and a litter box.  Bringing a new pet into the home, particularly if you have other pets, requires a period of acclimitization.  Kittens are inquisitive and may eat hazardous objects - make sure to kitten proof your home so your new friend stays safe.  Consider keeping your kitten indoors - indoor cats live twice as long as their outdoor counterparts.  Just like other family members, your kitten will need yearly health checkups so a good veternarian is a must.  Believe it or not, you can train your cat!  And last but not least, play with your kitten.  Particularly with indoor cats, play and exercise will keep them fit and happy (the cat dancer is a sure-fire hit).

Most kittens (and cats) benefit greatly from another kitten or cat as a companion. If you have the financial resources to adopt two, they will make great play pals and keep each other company when the human family members are not at home.  Welcome to the community of feline friends!