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Congratulations on adopting your new puppy! Here are some tips from CAP to help you keep your puppy happy, healthy, and growing.  You will need supplies, like food, dishes, a collar and a leash.  Bringing a new pet into the home, particularly if you have other pets, requires a period of acclimitization.  Puppies are playful and may chew on or eat hazardous objects - make sure to puppy proof your home so your new friend stays safe.  Consider weather conditions before keeping your puppy outside - always give plenty of water and ensure shade when they are out of doors.  Just like other family members, your puppy will need yearly health checkups so a good veterinarian is a must.  To help your puppy fit in and flourish, teach him good manners and to eliminate when and where you want him to through training.  And last but not least, play with your puppy.  Puppies have a lot of energy and need the exercise - playing tug of war with a chew toy is a perrenial favorite.  Welcome to the community of canine friends!