Preventing the birth of unwanted animals is a major goal of Citizens for Animal Protection. Last year irresponsible individuals in the Houston Area were responsible for the destruction of many thousands of cats and dogs - no one wanted them. In addition, thousands of abandoned animals died on city streets and freeways ... a slow, agonizing death from injuries, starvation or disease.

Clearly, prevention is kinder than destruction. Since every birth eventually has the possibility of leading to thousands of unwanted offspring, CAP actively promotes public awareness of the necessity for spaying and neutering pets.

To this end, CAP works with a variety of low cost, spay/neuter and wellness clinics, in addition to area veterinarians, to promote the importance of vaccinations, heartworm preventative care and spay/neuter which will ensure that all animals enjoy a long and healthy life. 

See our Spay / Neuter - Myths & Benefits article in our Education section for more information on the benefits and value of performing this simple and important medical procedure on your companion animal.

LOCAL LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINICS - The following clinics provide low cost services to the public including juvenille spay/neuter surgeries. Please call the clinic directly for more information.

Clinic Name Phone Number

All Cats Veterinary Clinic

Animal Alliance Saving Animals, LaMarque



Animana Birth Control Veterinary Center, I-10 East (713)450-1444
Animal Friends of Washington-Connie Clinic, Brenham (979)277-0400
Canfel Care Animal Hospital, NW Houston (281 )477-3577

The Greater Good

Gulfgate Animal Hospital



Houston Humane Society, South Houston


The KAAWS Clinic, NW Houston


Long Drive Dog & Cat Hospital, Se Houston

(713) 643-0633

Panda Wellness Center

Richmond Animal Hospital



Spay/Houston, North Houston


Spay/Neuter Assistance Program


SNAP Mobile Unit (call for schedule)


Special Pals Shelter

Texas Litter Control (Spring)

(281) 579-7387

(832) 510-7622

Westhollow Animal Hospital