The Cornelius Clinic


Make a Gift To The Wellness Clinic and Help Our Four-Legged Friends

Dogs or cats maybe our best friends.  Let’s not forget - we are often their best friends.  Domesticated for centuries, they depend on us to love and to care for them.  To make medical care for pets more affordable, CAP started a low-cost, in-house wellness clinic opened to the public once a week. Last year, the clinic had more than 2,500 four-legged patients.

Based on demand, CAP is building a 3,800 sq. ft. facility scheduled to open this fall. Named in honor of the lead donors, The Cornelius Clinic will provide affordable vaccinations and medications for pets.

The design of the clinic increases the capacity of the veterinarian staff to spay/neuter feral cats and shelter animals as well as provide care to pets.

Please help us complete the Clinic by making a gift to equip and stock it.  See a partial list list below of how your gift will be used.

Bricks and paver inscription for gifts of $250 or more can be made on the website at

For more information regarding The Cornelius Clinic and recognition opportunities, please contact Laura Bodenheimer by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Description Cost
Dog Ward Crate Banks $ 10,000
Cat Ward Crate Banks $ 10,000
Operation Sponsor $ 5,000 *
Orthopedic Instruments $ 5,000
Autoclave $ 4,350
Surgery Light $ 3,683
Hydraulic Lift Table $ 3,623
Surgery Tables $ 1,925
Anesthesia Machines $ 1,776
Anesthesia Vaporizers $ 1,136
IV fluid Pump $ 1,100
X-ray Viewer $ 368
Ophthalmoscope heads $ 311
Emergency Resuscitation Kit $ 293
Microchip Scanner $ 249
Microscopes $ 200
IV Poles $ 95
Bench in each exam room $ 80

*Select a day to underwrite Clinic operation costs and honor a loved one with an 8"x8" paver.