Grocery Cards for CAP

Give every time you shop for groceries! CAP participates in the Kroger or Randalls reward card programs. Please click on the grocery store of your choice to learn more or contact JoAnne Jackson.


Community Rewards Program

krogerRewardsHelp support homeless pets in our community by using your Kroger Plus Card! It's easy when you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards! To get started, simply sign up for a Kroger Plus card and log in online with your Kroger Plus Card or ten digit home phone. Select Citizens for Animal Protection as the charity that you wish to support. Every purchase made using your Plus Card starting August 31, 2014 through July 31, 2015 generates money that directly goes to the care homeless animals! After linking your card, let family and friends know how they too can help by asking them to do the same.

NOTE: Even if you participated previously, YOU MUST RELINK YOUR KROGER PLUS CARD ONLINE each year, for it to generate funds for the homeless animals cared for by CAP. Rewards are earned immediately and a message saying that you are supporting CAP will print on your receipt about ten business days after you link your card.

We appreciate your support through your purchases at your local Kroger store. This funding has been crucial to CAP and will enable us to continue our mission to shelter, protect, and re-home thousands of companion animals each year.




Good Neighbor Program

Randalls Good Neighbor Program provides a donation of a percentage of your grocery purchases to benefit the homeless animals at Citizens for Animal Protection. Please take this to your local store —to the cashier or at the Customer Service Counter—and have them link our assigned number, 758, to your Remarkable card. Then, every time you buy groceries at Randalls you are contributing to the care and adoption of our Houston's homeless animals. Your support will enable us to continue our mission to shelter, protect and find loving homes for thousands of companion animals each year. Thank you!

Randalls Donee Name: Citizens for Animal Protection

Randalls Number: # 758