Volunteer Application

  1. Apply online to become a volunteer for Citizens for Animal Protection! We will review your application in one to two weeks and send an invitation to a volunteer orientation. Attendance at an orientation and a training session is required for all CAP volunteers.

    Those eighteen and older are eligible for the adult volunteer program; those under eighteen or accompanying a minor volunteer are eligible for the youth volunteer program.

    Thank you for your interest in helping Houston's homeless animals!

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  19. Volunteers are required to wear a volunteer T-shirt or apron when volunteering. The cost for each is $20.00.
  20. Volunteer Preferences
  21. Listed below are volunteer opportunities for CAP volunteers. On a scale from 0 to 5, please indicate your area(s) of interest with 5 being the area you are interested in the most:
  22. Shelter Assistant
  23. Before the shelter opens for adoptions and after the shelter closes. Activities include: walking dogs, washing dishes feeding and watering animals, doing laundry, sweeping, and mopping.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  24. When the shelter is open for adoptions, meet/greet the public and assist them in finding a pet for adoption. Keep the water bowls filled, keep the cages clean with fresh newspaper, give each cat and dog a treat and/or a toy, give each cat a towel to lie on, unfold newspaper, and socialize the dogs and cats.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  25. Happy Tails Pet Supply Store (PSS) Assistant
  26. Help customers select supplies for their newly adopted pet or their pet at home. Assist with stocking supplies, cleaning and organizing.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  27. Note: All sales benefit the homeless animals. Note: Volunteers must be 18 yrs. or older to volunteer in PSS
  28. Mobile Adoption Assistant at Petsmart Adoption Centers:
  29. Volunteer at the CAP adoption centers at one of the two PetsMarts where CAP takes dogs and cats for adoption. Meet the public and assist them in finding a pet for adoption. Walk dogs, keep cages clean, feed and water, socialize animals and give toys/treats to animals.
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  32. Thrift Store
  33. Volunteers needed to assist customers, accept and sort out donations, organize merchandise and clean. The hours of operation are Mon. through Sat., 10:00 am-5:30 pm and Sun, 12:00-5:30 pm
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  34. Special Events
  35. Special Events: Help with CAP activities throughout the year which promote CAP's shelter, programs and humane initiatives. Events include cat & dog shows, trade shows, festivals, health fairs, school events and other community outings.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  36. Office / Telephone
  37. Assist with telephone answering and other office activities. We answer the phones from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday- Saturday and 1 p.m. to 5:30 on Sunday.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  38. Feral Cat Assistance Program (FCAP)
  39. Feral cat assistance program: Assist with the trap-neuter-return Program (TNR) in controlling feral cat populations, assist those interested in saving the lives of feral cats and educate the public on the advantages of TNR.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  40. Fundraising Assistant
  41. Assist CAP in fundraising activities, such as Mr. Magoo's Birthday party, Fall gala, HOWL-o-ween dog walk, and other such events. Activities include setting up auction items, folding and stuffing invitations, registration and check out during these events.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  42. Website Assistant
  43. Volunteers are needed to help with list writing (either a single or a pair) and other volunteers are needed to help with taking photos of the shelter animals (requires a pair). For photographing, the volunteer needs an assistant and a digital camera and for both positions they must be able to reliably commit to a schedule 4 to 5 weeks in advance.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  44. Foster Homes
  45. Volunteers can open their homes to sick or other homeless pets, who need special care before being ready for adoption. Examples include animals with colds, dogs undergoing heartworm treatments, as well as kittens and puppies who are too young to go up for adoption. Foster home volunteers attend a separate foster home orientation.
    Please enter a number from one to five.
  1. Volunteer Questionnaire
  2. How did you hear about CAP?(*)

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  3. If Other, Please Specify:
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  4. Other than your love of animals, for what reason(s) did you decide to volunteer at the CAP animal shelter?(*)
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  5. Describe any present or previous volunteer experience:
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  6. Volunteering at CAP involves interaction with animals and people. How do you feel about interacting with all types of people?(*)
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  7. Would you be able to volunteer a set schedule?(*)
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  8. How often would you be able to volunteer? What days and times would you be available to volunteer?(*)
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  9. Please tell us about any companion animals you have at home:(*)
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  10. If you have a preference, do you prefer cats or dogs and why?(*)
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  11. What are your thoughts about spaying and neutering?(*)
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  12. Because CAP accepts animals every day we are open, unfortunately there are instances when some animals have to be euthanized due to health or temperament issues. How do you feel about this? (Volunteers are never asked to participate in this area)(*)
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  13. Does your company match volunteer hours with a contribution?
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  14. Does your company have a matching gift program, if so, would you be willing to submit for CAP?(*)
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  15. Please indicate any special skills you might have:(*)
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