Step One: Volunteer Information Session

This is a one hour overview of CAP’s services and volunteer policies and opportunities, and is followed by a thirty minute tour of the shelter. Volunteer information sessions are held twice a month. You may register for a volunteer information session by selecting an upcoming class date on the Volunteer Events page.

  • Information sessions are limited to forty enrollments.
  • Each person who attends must be enrolled online- there is limited seating, so no extra guests will be accepted. Do not bring children or un-enrolled guests with you.
  • Youth ages fourteen through fifteen must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Seating is limited so please enroll only if you intend to actually volunteer with your child.

Step Two: Shelter Basics Training

After attending a volunteer information session, if you have determined that CAP is the right place for you to volunteer, you will be required to submit a volunteer application and attend a shelter basics training class. Once your application has been approved an email will be sent to you with a time and date for attendance. During this class you will learn the basics of animal behavior, animal handling, and how the shelter operates. You will also receive a set of waiver forms that must be signed and turned in by the time you complete your mentor session, and will be able to purchase your official CAP Volunteer t-shirt or apron for $20.

Please note that CAP reserves the right to conduct basic background checks on incoming volunteers.

Step Three: Mentoring

Immediately following your shelter basics training class you will schedule a “shadow” session with a mentor. A list of mentors will be given to you during your training class so you may contact one from home to schedule a session that is mutually convenient. During your mentor session you will receive hands on training from a veteran volunteer. All incoming shelter volunteers are required to complete a two hour mentor session before handling animals on their own. Incoming volunteers seeking volunteer opportunities that do not involve handling shelter animals (Pet Supply Shop, Community Outreach, FCAP, and Vaccination and Wellness Clinic) will coordinate on-site training with the associated program director.

Once your mentor session is complete and your waiver forms have been submitted, the volunteer coordinator will add you to the volunteer schedule and issue you a name badge and a volunteer ID number that will allow you to log in and out at the shelter.