CAP has a dedicated staff whose experience with animals and their care often spans several decades. The staff's knowledge and love of animals, which both employees and volunteers share, have created a welcoming atmosphere for pets and people.

Citizens for Animal Protection

  • Sandi Mercado, Executive Director
  • Jessica Ellis, Shelter Director
  • Erica Pothier, Director of Finance & HR
  • Kappy Muenzer, Executive Director Emeritus
  • Barbara Fitzgerald, Foster Care Specialist
  • Alice Mellado, Volunteer & Community Service Coordinator
  • Daiva Paskauskaite, FCAP Coordinator
  • Barbara Veit, Financial Assistant
  • BJ McIlvaine, Administrative Supervisor
  • Rita Lopez, Administrative Specialist
  • Josh Griffin, Facilities Manager 

CAP Shelter Staff

Shelter Manager

  • Amanda Beebe

Assistant Shelter Managers

  • Yvonne Moye
  • Alison Bertram
  • Sandra Rodriguez
  • Kristi Keathley

Animal Caretakers

CAP employs part-time and full-time animal caretakers who are responsible for the general care and maintenance of the shelter animals. This includes feeding, walking, grooming, cleaning and giving lots of love. They also assist in introducing potential pet adopters to the many pets needing homes, screen potential pet adopters and process adoptions.


Here to answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction: Claudia, Bonnie, Kelly, Ceara, Laila, Lori and Brenda.

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