Ensure that your dog is ready to hit the dog park and any social events by teaching them good manners. The expert training staff at Rover Oaks Pet Resort can help you prepare your dog for any social activity when you attend their Good Dog Manners class at the CAP shelter.

It’s never too late to learn good manners, and the Good Dog Manners class is an excellent beginner class for people with dogs six months and older.  With a focus on building a strong human-canine bond and solving basic problem behaviors, the humans learn solid training theory while the dogs learn basic manners (sit, down, come when called, stay and leash walking) plus the foundation behaviors for more advanced classes.  While this is a well-rounded educational class, be ready for lots of fun and games, too.  The class meets for one hour each week for six weeks and includes an initial orientation session for humans only.

Rover Oaks is excited to begin offering their unique training services to recent adopters through their satellite training center at CAP. The expanded service to the shelter is a natural fit for Rover Oaks. The resort has been a longtime supporter of CAP and the animalswe  serve, providing free training, Rover’s Makeovers and even cooking turkey for the animals each Thanksgiving! Additionally the co-owner of Rover Oaks Katy, Joy Lee, has written and published Rover’s Rescues, a book of heart-warming stories about twenty-five out of the hundreds of animals Rover Oaks has helped to get adopted since 2006. To further show their commitment to promoting the need for adoption, Rover Oaks is offering the Good Dog Manners class at a special discount to recent CAP adopters, helping new pet parents build a bond with the new family member and ensure a happy home life for both you and your dog.

The Good Dog Manners class will be held every Saturday for six weeks from 10:30-11:30AM - check the CAP Events page for the current class's start and end dates. Additional classes may be added at CAP as needed. If you would like your dog to have the best manners on the block, sign up today!

Call 281-693-7687, Option 4, to register for classes at CAP.