CAP has always included Humane Education programs as an integral part of our strategy to improve the lives of animals. Our program supports character and citizenship initiatives through core curriculum standards such as language arts, health, social studies, math and science.

Off-Site: Classes


CAP offers its education program free of charge to the public. We bring our educational messages to your location featuring one of our well-behaved CAP Ambassador Dogs and hand out age appropriate literature.

  • The purpose of an animal shelter
  • Pets & People – Common needs we share
  • The importance of spay/neuter your pet
  • Understanding my pet’s body language
  • Safe pets, safe kids – Bite Prevention
  • Pet care – Nutrition, health, training, etc.
  • Getting involved! – How to make a difference

Our educational programs can be tailored to meet your needs – just let us know what topics you would like us to focus on and we can adapt to any age child and/or situation. We love to participate in school career days, health fairs and festivals. Invite us to speak at your school for Earth Day or Pet Appreciation Week. Kids love to meet our CAP Ambassador Dogs and remember our visit for years to come. Day or evenings are available. Monetary and wish list donations from the children are encouraged for our homeless pets. Contact our Humane Education Coordinator for more information.

On-Site: Shelter Tours

CAP offers tours of our animal shelter where participants experience hands-on interaction with some of our animals. We welcome Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownie Troups, Eagle Scouts and special school groups.  For more information, visit Tours in Shelter Activities. Contact our Shelter Activities Coordinator for more information.