Citizens for Animal Protection realizes how difficult it can be to give up a pet. That is why we try every resource at our disposal to place the animals that are brought to us. CAP's adoption rate continues to be over 94%. However, due to the pet overpopulation crisis, the sad reality is that not all animals find homes and some are euthanized. CAP is a "Managed Intake" Shelter which means that we do not euthanize animals to make room for more animals, because of breed, or how long they stay at the shelter. If we have space for an animal we will take it and as long as the animal is healthy and has a good temperament, the animal will stay at CAP until adopted. Unfortunately, it does become necessary to euthanize some animals that are suffering from injuries, contagious diseases, and severe aggression.



Intake areas are open seven days a week from 10am - 2pm.   Map and Hours


Shelter Surrender

CAP accepts animals on a first come - first served basis if we have available room. We do not make appointments or make reservations for intake. You are welcome to call to see what current availability we have in general, however, space changes constantly. CAP is a "Managed Intake Shelter" and there may be days when we cannot accept animals as we do not have the space to humanely house and care for them.


Upon arrival at CAP, your animal will be evaluated and it will be determined if he/she is a candidate for our adoption program. If the staff determines at intake that your pet is not a candidate for adoption you may take the animal back home with you or try other humane alternatives and agencies.  If you choose to surrender the animal, a complete assessment will be given to determine adoptability.


If you have reached the decision to surrender your pet to CAP, please print out the appropriate personality form and bring with you. This form gives us valuable information which can help us find your pet a new home.


Minimum Required Surrender Fees

The fees shown below are the minimum that we require for each animal dropped off.  Donations to help cover additional common costs related to sheltering animals are greatly appreciated. 


Please Note

  • The maximum number of adult animals we can accept per week, per household is two and this is subject to space availability.
  • Kittens must weigh at least 2 lbs and puppies must be at least 8 weeks old to be surrendered. This is because they must be large enough to be spayed/neutered at time of adoption.


CAP is a non-profit organization and we rely on your surrender fees and donations to provide medical services and care to the animals we receive. 




Option 2 - Online Only, Self-Supported Rehoming Options (not affiliated with CAP)

Options for rehoming pets online are available to those who wish to take full responsibility of the rehoming process. Below is information on three online rehoming sites that are not affiliated with CAP, but may be of assistance to you -, Home to Home and

Click HERE for the full pdf version of the graphics below.

Online Rehoming 1  Online Rehoming 2




Euthanasia Policy

Citizens for Animal Protection completely supports that no healthy, adoptable animal should be euthanized. To this end, CAP's priority is to not euthanize any healthy, adoptable animal to make room for more animals. Adoptable animals do not have a preset time limit, however they must remain healthy, both physically and emotionally. CAP will not allow any animal surrendered to us to suffer, nor will CAP risk the health or safety of our shelter animals by exposing them to contagious diseases or unsafe conditions. Euthanasia is a decision that may be made to prevent suffering, to prevent the spread of disease to healthy animals or when an animal poses a threat to humans or other animals. Euthanasia is performed by compassionate, experienced personnel and is a decision that is not taken lightly.

CAP will, at all times, act in the best interest of each and every animal in our care.

Please be advised that CAP will not accept trapped feral (wild) cats for euthanasia. If you wish to trap a cat and are willing to have it neutered and return it to its original location, please contact our Feral Cats Assistance Program Coordinator. Learn more about Trap-Neuter-Return, a humane solution for feral cat colonies that prevents overpopulation and is free. If you have trapped a cat and do not want to neuter and return, you can surrender the cat to your local animal control facility but first you may want to read about preventing unwanted feral behavior with our Feral Cat Deterrence Techniques.

Euthanasia Fees

CAP does, at our discretion, euthanize owned animals that are old, severely injured or ill, at the request of the owner.   Documentation from a licensed veterinarian may be required to verify health issues prior to the animal being accepted for euthanasia.  If we deem the animal to be adoptable or rehabilitable, the animal may not be accepted for euthanasia.  Unfortunately, owners may not be with their pets during this time and we do not release the pet back.  Any private cremation requests must be arranged prior to euthanasia.  The fees are as listed below.

1-20 lbs $40
21-50 lbs $50
51-75 lbs $65
76-100 lbs $85
Over 100 lbs $100

Please call the shelter at 281-497-0591 prior to bringing a pet for euthanasia to verify availability and appropriateness of service.