Congratulations! We are so grateful you have chosen to adopt a pet from the CAP Animal Shelter & Pet Adoption Center. We realize you’ve fallen in love, but it will take a bit of time to for you and your new pet to get to know one another. Adopted pets can take up to a week to decompress, three weeks to learn your routine and three months to feel like your home is their home too. 


It is our hope that education, preparation and some patience will go a long way toward making your relationship a meaningful and lasting bond.  It is also very important to make your home safe for your new pet, especially if adopting a puppy or kitten. They can get into things that you would never think possible. Check out these links to help you pet proof your home for your new dog/puppy or cat/kitten



Your pet has been under a lot of stress, in a strange place full of other animals and people he/she did not know. And now your new pet is in a new home, with a new family and maybe even more strange pets to meet and get to know. These recommendations will help make an easy transition for 


  • Allow your pet time to investigate and become familiar with his/her new home and family members. Be patient. It is not uncommon for pets to hide at first and it may take a day or two for a cat to come out.  
  • Once your new pet is comfortable, show them the areas where their litter box, food and water, beds, toys etc are located.
  • Introduce other pets in the home slowly. It is suggested that you keep your new pet away from other pets for 5-7 days. Not only does this give your new pet time to settle in, it allows time to ensure that the pet is healthy and not showing any behavior or health problems. Check out Ten Types of New Pet Introductions
  • Do not allow cats to go outside. They can become easily disoriented in a new environment and wander off, not knowing how to find their way home.
  • If you have other pets, always give them attention first, feed them first and make sure they are included in play time. This can avoid resentment of the new pet and reassure your current pets that are still valued members of their home. 
  • Children love animals. And learning to care for a pet can be a wonderful way to teach your children compassion and respect for all living things. However, it must be made clear to children that pets aren't toys. Parents should always supervise children’s interactions with any animal and be fully prepared to be their pet’s primary caregiver. 

We have the following pet care guides to help you get off to a good start with your new animal family member: