Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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"When I first saw Wednesday at the shelter I think it was love at first sight .Now, having her for like two months in our house I feel like I have won the lottery of love. Seeing her playing with my other dog is the best thing in the world !! They are my kids.  I am so grateful for places like CAP who make our dream come true by having a dog to take care and love .. 

My life is filled with happiness every time I see Wednesday running through the whole patio like a fox ! I even got her a GPS system so I wouldn’t lose her. Thank you again CAP for such a nice job ! May God Bless you all always ! :) PS : Wednesday says hi to all the wonderful people who took such good care of her at the shelter!"

Dewey and Smokey  Our family was extremely sad after losing our wonderful 15 year-old cat to an untreatable tumor. I went to CAP "just to look" at a cat I saw online who reminded me of my prior cat. I arrived and found out that he had an amazing, loving personality AND that he had a brother who is also a total cuddlebug! We adopted both kitties and they have added so much happiness and love to our home. Thank you to CAP!

kaipo 1kaipo 2 As soon as we met Kaipo(previously Ozzy) we knew he was the dog for us. Since adopting him he has made our house a home and brought in such great energy. He loves our long morning walks, sitting on the patio watching the people walk by, and belly rubs. When he gets excited he snorts and makes us all laugh and give him even more love. We can’t imagine our home without him and thank God everyday for being him into our lives. And a big thank you to CAP for his initial rescue and care.

Mister 1  Mister 2  As soon as we saw our Kai it was love at first sight, we thought about it a lot, but the love and connection with him was first it was hard to adjust to his new home, however it was also fast, we gave him Much love, now he is a puppy with a family that loves and cares for him, he feels happy. He is obedient and smart.

The attention was wonderful and fast.

Now he is part of our family.
We love you Kai

Lani  We were wanting to adopt a smaller breed dog and was looking at the local shelters. We were not having any luck and went to CAP website and there she was. John was at the door of CAP, the next morning when they open. He walked in and there sat the “love of his life,” Lani, on the receptionist counter. The lady that was sitting at the desk, told him that Lani was the receptionist. He commented, “that’s the one I want.” And the rest is history. We have always had Eskies, that would not wear a sweater, but this little girl has her own sweater wardrobe. Here she is, our sweater girl, Jacqueline.

Grace We are truely blessed to have Miss Grace as our new fur baby. She has definitely brightened up our lives. I cannot imagine life without Grace. It is almost like having a toddler in the house again and that keeps us on our toes!

Frankie  Frankie (Darcy) was adopted with her sister Grace (Sally) and they are living the high life. Frankie lives with me and my other rescue baby Mugsy and Grace lives with my parents. We go visit Grace every weekend and they play all day long together. Frankie and buddy Mugsy go walking on a local trail every late afternoon when I come home from work. Every Sunday we search for a new walking trail in Houston. So far our favorite is Terry Hershey park. She is thriving and enjoying her sunshine-filled life.

whiskey 1  whiskey 2 Whiskey was surrendered to your shelter on June 22nd, 2022. That's actually my birthday. I recently lost my soulmate bun, a mini lop named Hettie whom I had since she was just 2 months old, she passed away unexpectedly on Dec 20th, I was completely destroyed by her passing.
I wasn't coping well without Hettie and my family and friends began a desperate search to find me a new bunny. Whiskey's photo from the petsearch website was shown to me along with a picture of a beautiful tricolor bun named Ball. Whiskey's photo was introduced to me as "He looks as heartbroken as you do". I was still unsure on getting another rabbit, concerned my emotional state would only get worse with a new bun taking over my lost girls space or that my anxiety would scare the rabbit away, but something kept telling me I needed to meet this little boy with the sad eyes, the same colour as my Hettie's.
When I first met Whiskey he immediately came to ask for pets, lowering his head and he just watched me with those violet gray eyes of his. I asked to spend time with both him and Ball. Whiskey laid against my chest for a long while to start and seeing Hettie's eyes staring out of his face I almost broke down but he seemed to know and licked my chin..he tucked his head against my neck until he felt comfortable running about. He was so adventurous as he hopped about and he would come back to me to ask for pets. When his time was up I spent time with Ball, who's sassy, sweet personality was near identical to my Hettie's. I wished I could take both but when I had to choose.. my heart just pulled straight towards the little boy who stared at me so sadly when he was taken away at the end of our meet and greet. I spent time with him again after Ball and knew that my plans had just changed. I adopted Whiskey. The whole hour long car ride home he laid cuddled in my arms, burrowing his head into the crook of my elbow or my ribs. I promised him a forever home. He acclimated quickly once we got him home. He was immediately a free roam bun, with a big "burrow" (4'x3' dog crate) to use for safety if needed, a two story rabbit house full of hay and lots of birch and cardboard toys. I had sanitized everything previously so there wasn't any worries. He met his two new cat siblings, both 19 years old, Loki and Freyja, and what would hopefully be his future bonded brother, my husband's 9 month old Flemish Giant rabbit, Doraleous. He binkied 3 feet in the air within an hour and was frolicking about and flopping everywhere he could. We cuddle multiple times a day, he wakes up every morning to a little treat and goes to bed every night with one. He has all the Oat and Timothy hay he can eat and he adores his pellets and us now enjoying his greens. Everyday he flops, in as many places as possible, and he has gotten so comfortable he tucks his face against mine and we take naps together. He gets loved on all the time and cuddled lots as well as getting kisses and grooming. He's such a happy, brave, adventurous boy and he's helped my heart sickness to heal and ease. I still miss my Hettie every day, but Angus has quickly become my God sent angel. I feel like Hettie led me to him, and I'm forever grateful. I know he had to wait 6 months for me to find him, but he's got his forever home now.

mocha 1 mocha 2 In the search for a new pet, I opted for a rabbit (as I've had them in the past). Several agencies were reviewed and several different rabbits were on my list to visit. CAP had 4 rabbits at the time but 2 I was wanting to see. Mocha was my 2nd choice (by his photo online). When we reached CAP (over an hour away), the one was adopted. However, as SOON as I I saw Mocha, I KNEW it was meant to be. He is the sweetest, most curious rabbit. But loves to just be held and pet at bedtime! Thanks to all that work/volunteer/support CAP!

milo 1 milo 2 Our 14 year old dog had recently passed away and the house felt so quiet so we were so happy when we found Milo at CAP. He has a lot of puppy energy still so I have an exercise buddy and he follows me everywhere. We think he is adjusting just wonderfully and hopefully realizes this is his forever home. Thank you to CAP for all you for all the animals that need good homes.