Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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I had been trying to adopt a cat for a bit and hadn’t had much luck at other shelters. I came to CAP one weekend, filled out some paperwork and immediately got to see some cats! The first couple cats I saw were sweet in their own ways, but not the right fit for me. The volunteer suggested I see Alice because she was a volunteer favorite and upon meeting her I knew this was my cat. I took her home that day! She’s gotten used to her new home and our relationship has continues to develop. Now she sleeps with me on my bed and enjoys watching TV with me and following me around the apartment. She loves the treat advent calendar we got from CAP and cardboard boxes. She hates her new diet. She is both an old lady and a perfect baby.

 Alice 2


Alice 2

FlynnZoey 2

FlynnZoey 1


 After adopting Flynn the cuddle bunny, I kept checking the CAP website and looking at dogs.


I knew all of them and their stories. Zoey appeared in mid February, an 8 year-old white lab mix and prior CAP adoptee. She

bore a striking resemblance to a dog that I had loved for many years. She looked very scared and sad in her pictures. I finally

checked with a volunteer who arranged for me to bring my first adoptee, Flynn, for a meet and greet at CAP. She came home

that day (thanks to some fast purchases of seat belt attachments from the gift shop) as a foster-to-adopt so that I could

ensure that she and Flynn could live together.


I adopted her the next week and she is a member of the family. She started as a timid dog and Flynn was great with her,

encouraging her to play and giving her space when she needed it. She is now the lead troublemaker and guard dog in the

house. She loves to play tug when Flynn brings her a rope toy. They are an unlikely pair and just what I needed.

662181c1aa96b Tom making himself at home small

662181c1aa3ca Tom and Lulu small


Our 5 year old cat, Lulu was in mourning because her dog friend had just passed away. We decided that she would enjoy a

cat friend to romp around with and share meal times with. Little did we know, Tom (Colby) is exactly what we all needed.

He is loved by all, and I feel pretty certain he is living his best life!

We thank you for taking care of him until we found him.

Happy Beginnings Amelia


We adopted Amelia almost 3 months ago and it has been the best three months! I knew she was the one the first time I saw

her on the website. She’s the most goofy, energetic, and cuddly little bug. We love her and continue to learn more about her


Indie (formerly Jean Gray) loves her new cat sisters and they cuddle together and she loves to play fetch with her rope! We love her so much!
JeanGray 3

Nova's human checked in to let us know she's the queen of the house!

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 We adopted a 10 year old cat named Oscar, after we lost our kitty due to old age. We came to the shelter just to see if any kitties would "pick us", and it Oscar was the one to do so. And we are so happy he did!
In the last month, he has slowly come out of his shell and has shown us his spunky attitude. He loves his feather toys and toys on a string, cuddles, getting under the blankets (for even more cuddles), and he makes the best biscuits in town! He's got the fastest zoomies, which have us just as entertained as he is doing them. He has a wet food addiction, and we have had to limit his amount a tad to keep his chonk under control. He let's us know how he feels about it via dramatic protests and love bombs us to give him the goods (which can sometimes work..).
He is slowly getting used to the dogs and the sudden noises/movements. He's enjoying peaking out of the windows more, and has finally gotten into exploring the entire home. He had his tooth pulled (which was definitely needed) and between that and missing a couple other teeth, he has now earned his new name: Toothless! It's extremely fitting to his personality too. 
We are so happy with Toothless and so proud of how far he has come! He is such a sweet cat, and we are so happy to have found him at your shelter. Thank you guys for saving him, and for giving us a wonderful soul to love. 
- The Mapp family



 Rosie helped heal a huge hole in my heart after losing my 16 year old girl, Haley. I fell in love with her pictures and bio on the CAP website; but I was afraid to rush into adopting so soon. After stalking her bio page every day for a solid two weeks; I finally went to meet her! I knew it was meant to be when I turned in my application for her adoption just 30 seconds before another family did! Rosie came into my home like a wrecking ball, being the most energetic and goofiest dog that I have ever met! She is crazy intelligent, very sweet, and so freaking nosey! She is such a happy girl living her best life! We just celebrated her first birthday on 1/3/24! I couldn't imagine how dull my life would be without my sweet and crazy Rosie girl! Thanks CAP!!!



 Ivy, formerly Marble, is living her best life with 3 other sisters. She's the youngest and keeps the other girls on their toes. She loves boxes, the smaller, the better! She gallops throughout the house and loves treat time! She's taken over our king size bed and our hearts! She's the best and we love her so much!!



My daughter (who is 17) and I went to the shelter as we have been thinking about getting another dog after losing our Pomeranian to old age at 15 yrs. We decided we wanted dog my husband can run/bike with and just be more active with. Brought her home and we are in love. Thanks for giving us the perfect fit to our family we were looking for.