If you think your pet has swallowed or been exposed to a poisonous substance, contact the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center at 888.426.4435, your veterinarian or local Animal Emergency Clinic (AEC). If you believe your pet is seriously injured or sick, contact or take your pet to your veterinarian or an AEC.

You just adopted an eight-week old puppy - you've gotten his collar, leash, and food and think you are ready to go - but this little bundle of energy has gotten into your trash can and eaten something not quite fit for canine consumption. Or you decided to take the older, mellow Siamese who seems to be in pretty good health, but you are wondering about those philodendrons in your window. Whatever stage of life your new animal companion is in, its health and safety are your new priorities. While these articles are by no means exhaustive, this section of the library will help orient you to health and safety for your new pet.

There are also chapters on health and safety in the puppy, kitten, dog, cat, and small animal care guides.