Community Outreach Events

Citizens for Animal Protection staff and volunteers take every opportunity to educate the public of all ages, backgrounds and interests about the humane treatment of animals.

We welcome opportunities to provide an interesting attraction at any venue. CAP has participated in health fairs, trade shows, festivals, cat shows, dogs shows and speaking engagements in a variety of settings for corporate, neighborhood and professional groups.

Our approach can be tailored to the needs of your event! It doesn't matter how large or small...we can offer your audience an interesting and informative event. We can bring an animal representative, our literature and events set up for sales of our reasonable-priced pet supply merchandise.

Contact our Community Outreach Coordinator to custom tailor our participation in your event.

Pet Counseling

Man’s best friend can be frustrating at times! Families can get help with their pet’s problem behavior through CAP’s helpful phone counseling service. Many hundreds of animals that might otherwise have been dropped off at a shelter, abandoned, or put to death have been saved through our sharing of referral services and valuable tips on pet training and behavior modification. Contact CAP for assistance.

In our pet care and humane education sections, we have articles on where to walk your dog in Houston, training your kitten (yes it can be done!), spay/neuter benefits, facts to consider before declawing, crating, and keeping your dog outdoors.

There are many reputable training facilities in Houston and the surrounding areas. Your veterinarian is always a good source of information and can provide you with resources to address any problems you may be having with your pet.

Humane Education

In addition to conducting tours of the shelter, CAP provides speakers to schools, youth groups, community organizations and service clubs. Our humane education programs feature lectures, discussions and visits with the animals which create a focus on responsible pet care and humane treatment of animals. The “Adopt-A-Classroom” program provides second to sixth grade teachers with the monthly KIND News for each of their students, thus reaching thousands of students yearly. CAP is also an animal health care training center for the Houston Community College Veterinary Paramedic Program.

CAP provides important information to students and publication editors who are researching animal-related subjects. Contact our Humane Education Coordinator for more information and resource materials.  For detailed descriptions of humane education programs and issues, see the humane education section.


Animals are brought to CAP for many reasons. An owner can no longer care for their pet, abandoned animals on the streets or in county areas, lost animals with no form of identification, puppies and kittens adding to the overpopulation.  When animals in need are brought to CAP, we rescue these animals by taking them into our shelter, providing care for them, trying to find their owners and attempting to place them in new, forever homes.