Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) has put together this list of books and DVD's about pet care, humane issues, and wildlife. Buy from Amazon through the below links and part of the sale will benefit homeless animals at CAP!


The First Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats - Everyone NEEDS an 'easy to read' Pet First Aid emergency book. Easy-to-read sections cover proper emergency procedures, helps you to know when to call a vet. Rated excellent by consumers.
Pet First Aid: Cats and Dogs - Easy-to-read sections cover proper emergency procedures, putting together a pet first aid kit, the tell-tale signs of particular injuries and illnesses, and more. Written and reviewed by veterinarians. Every pet owner should have an easy to read First Aid book.
Complete Guide to Dog Care - The staff of The HSUS, together with dog care and training expert Marion Lane, has compiled a useful book for every dog owner -- and prospective dog owner. From choosing the right dog and fulfilling your dog's basic needs, to finding a veterinarian and training your dog, this comprehensive book stresses the idea of companionship between you and your dog.
First Aid for Dogs (What to do When Emergencies Happen) - A great book focusing exclusively on emergency care for dogs - a must-have.
Second Chances - tells the stories of animal adoptions. This book has a wonderful collection of heartwarming adoption stories. Written by J. Banks, the book has fifty tail-wagging tales. Touching and entertaining, every animal-lover and CAP human companion will enjoy this great collection.
Good Owners, Great Dogs - Informative book on caring for and training your dog. Brian Kilcommons was taught by Barbara Woodhouse one of the greatest dog trainers of all times. He shows you how to teach your dog obedience in a very firm, yet sensible and humane (no hitting) way.
Animal House Style: Designing a Home to Share With Your Pets - Animal House Style is packed with design tips on everything from the best fabrics for a pet-loving home to furnishings made for human and animal comfort without sacrificing great taste.
Complete Guide to Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery - "An invaluable resource. The information in this book could, quite possibly, save your pets life. The research is painstakingly accurate and thorough the authors commitment to the welfare of animals is evident on every page." - E.Schmidt, Monmouth Co. SPCA. This book is a must-read for everyone who is concerned about the ultimate safety of pet animals.
All for Animals - Tips and Inspiration for Living a More Compassionate Life.- Mark Beckloff, Founder of Three Dog Bakery writes: "Moving and unforgettable, 'All for Animals' acts as a catalyst which challenges all who read it to embrace an attitude of proactive kindness."
Not Left Behind: Rescuing the Pets of New Orleans - Proceeds from sale of this book to be used to help animals. There is also a video tribute to the animals called "Remembering the Animals of Hurricane Katrina."
Wild Neighbors: The Humane Approach to Living with Wildlife - Produced by HSUS staff, Wild Neighbors is packed with detailed "how-to" solutions for dealing with everything from bats in your attic to deer in your garden, without causing harm to any animal.
Through Animal's Eyes: True Stories from a Wildlife Sanctuary - Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation (WRR), a wildlife sanctuary in Texas that takes care of more than 5,000 animals a year. Some have been orphaned or seriously injured; others have been rescued from roadside zoos or released from research labs. Whatever their story, these animals find safe haven with author and WRR founder Lynn Cuny, who recounts 31 stories of WRR’s most memorable critters.
Animal Liberation - An important and persuasive appeal to conscience, fairness, decency and justice, Animal Liberation is essential reading for the supporter and the skeptic alike.

DVD / Video

The Witness (DVD) - "May be the most important and persuasive film about animals ever made" Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times.