These simple tips can be extremely helpful to a blind dog.

1. When approaching your blind dog ALWAYS speak softly so you not startle them when you touch them. When people visit your home, explain that your dog is blind and tell them to speak softly before touching them.

2. Put a little bell or have noisy tags on the collar of all other pets in the household so the blind dog can hear the sound. (Make sure the bell cannot be chewed off and swallowed and only use 'stretch' collars on cats.) Also, place something that jingles on your pant leg or shoe so they know where you are. This is especially important if you are going for a walk.

3. Dogs are able to memorize the layout of your house very well so do NOT rearrange your furniture. Also do not make any major landscape changes and be sure the yard is fenced and all gates are kept securely locked.

4. Keep your pet's food and water dish in 'exactly' the same place.

5. A radio on low all the time will give bearings. Keep the radio in the SAME place and make sure no cord is dangling.

6. If you have a hot tub or pool, place fencing around it so your pet will not fall in and drown.

7. If you have stairs, place a barrier at the bottom of the stairs to prevent him/her from climbing to the top and falling down.

8. Make sure your pet learns to obey your voice commands such as "Stop" which will help them avoid dangerous situations. Teach them to step up/down on command by saying 'Up' or 'Down' and they will know that there is a higher or lower area such as a curb or step.

9. Inside and outside, look for things that may poke into their eye, can be tripped over, or fall on them. Check that no electrical cords are dangling.

10. ALWAYS have your dog wear an identification tag that reads: "I'm BLIND, Call ...." and put at least 2 phone numbers and include your pet's name. NOTE: Make certain with all ID tags to check the tags every few months to see if the information is wearing away. If so replace tags immediately. Many animals at shelters have tags but they are so worn that the tags canNOT be read and sadly the owner cannot be contacted! Also consider putting in a Microchip.

Give Lots of LOVE and remember the saying, "A Blind Dog Sees with their Heart, Not Their Eyes"

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