Tabatha ~ 31441359 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Tabatha is a gorgeous brown tabby who will make a wonderful companion for you once she gets to know you.

We first met Tabatha in May 2016 and since then have been trying to find the perfect home for her. She needs an owner with the patience of a saint, someone who is willing to give Tabatha her own living space until they bond and are truly friends. This will take time, not just a week or two, but guaranteed her love will be worth the wait. When Tabatha feels secure in her environment she loves being brushed and will even let out a tiny purr of affection. She does fantastically well with a feline cuddle buddy, and she hopes that you have a feline friend at home already, or may adopt a friend from the shelter along with her. Laser toys are quite fun for her, as are cat treats. Tabatha is one of our VIPs and has been waiting a long time for her forever home.

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