Featured Adoptions

Dash ~ 33939052  *Adopted*
Dash is really hoping for a good life. This 33-pound older pup was adopted as a little pup but recently returned. He is a good dog and true to his herding breed traits.

Abby ~ 21299159 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Staff favorite Terrier mix Abby is looking for a walking partner, someone who loves to have conversations while taking in the fresh air. Abby is a lovable girl who prefers to be the only pet in the home, but she is such a wonderful girl she will be the only pet you need.

Coco Love ~ 35532283 *Adopted!*

Coco Love is a much loved staff favorite at the shelter. He is a 2 year old Havana rabbit with a wonderful temperament and will make a great addition to your family. Rabbits require special care, please make sure you can properly care for a rabbit before welcoming one into your home.

Crista Bella ~ 34605791 *Adopted!*

Crista Bella is a stunning 1 year old American Sable rabbit who is looking for a loving home. She is here because her owners had too many pets to care for, but she is so loving and gorgeous you won't mind caring for her at all. She loves her veggies and to cuddle, please come meet Crista Bella today. Her brother Cristo is also looking for a home, he is just as handsome as she is.

Tux ~ 20896620 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Tux is an outgoing and friendly boy who has been looking for a home for 4 months, far too long for such a wonderful boy! He loves attention and gets along very well with other cats and is submissive around dogs. Tux is a talkative guy who would love to chat about your day when you get home, a true social butterfly.

Georgette ~ 34572525 *VIP* *Adopted!*

Georgette is a pretty brown tabby girl who knows what she likes, attention, attention and more attention.