Adopt an animal from our shelter! Before visiting the shelter, you can view the dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, rabbits, and other small animals shown available for adoption in our online adoption listings. Please note that not all of the animals in the shelter appear in the site's adoption listings. CAP attempts to work with everyone who is interested in adopting an animal and giving it a new forever home, however CAP does reserve the right to refuse an adoption application for reasons including, but not limited to: false information is given, background checks cannot be verified, current identification and address cannot be verified or if the adoption is not in the best interest of the animal and the adopter.

Hours for Adoption

Sun-Mon -Tuesday: 1PM to 6PM 

Wed thru Sat: 11AM to 6PM 

Closed: Christmas Day, New Year's Day, 4th July and Thanksgiving Day 

Hours / Maps

Pet Adoption Fees

  • Dogs over 15lbs - $99
  • 2nd Dog over 15lbs - $79 (adopt within 2 weeks of first pet)
  • Puppies (6 months and younger) - $129
  • 2nd Puppy (6 months and younger) - $109 (adopt within 2 weeks of first pet)
  • Small Dogs 15lbs and under - $129
  • Small Dog under 15lbs - $109 (adopt within 2 weeks of first pet)
  • Cat Adoption Fees - $50
  • 2 for 1 Cat Adoption Fee - $50 (adopt at same time)
  • Kitten ( 6 months and younger)  -  $84
  • 2 for 1 Kittens  -  $84 (adopt at same time)
  • Cat/Kitten Combo - $84 
  • Small Dog or Puppy/Cat Combo - $159
  • Regular Dog/Cat Combo - $129
  • Bunnies - $45 or 2 Bunnies - $65 
  • Guinea Pigs $20 or 2 guinea Pigs - $30
  • Ferrets $89
  • Hamsters/Rats/Gerbils - $10
  • Iguanas - $65
  • Call for information on birds.
  • VIP (Very Important Pet!) Program:  Any animal who has been at the shelter for more that 1 month can be adopted for 50% of regular adoption fee.
  • Special Senior Citizen (60 yrs +) Adoption Fee - No charge (adopt an animal 5 yrs or older)
  • 50% of adoption fees waived for active and retired military personnel and military veterans. (proof of eligibility required)


CAP adoption fees include a variety of services - age-appropriate vaccinations, canine heartworm and feline leukemia tests, spaying/neutering, deworming treatment, microchipping to name a few - the total value of which exceeds $400. In addition, these minimal adoption fees cover only part of the each animal's stay at our shelter - please help us keep adoption fees low while maintaining the high quality of care for the animals in our charge by donating and/or volunteering.

Pet Adoption Requirements

  • 18 years of age with a current Drivers License or ID
  • Proof of current address - DL License, Utility Bill, Mail, Car Insurance, etc.
  • Landlord approval if you rent - please verify with your landlord what breed or size restrictions may be in place.
  • Permission of all adults living at the residence
  • Other animals residing with you must be current on vaccinations and dogs must be on heartworm prevention

Pet Adoption Applications