A microchip can SAVE the life of your pet. It is your pet's phone call home. The majority of animal shelters, humane societies and veterinarians scan every lost animal that comes to their facility. At CAP, every lost animal who comes to our shelter is scanned, and, if a microchip is found, the owner is contacted immediately.

Microchipping is quick and relatively painless. The microchip is approximately the size of a grain of rice. It is inserted under the skin, much like a vaccine, at the base of the neck and between the shoulder blades. It is made out of an inert ingredient so it should not affect the animal (talk to your veterinarian about any concerns you may have.) The tissue should begin growing around the chip within 24 hours. Once inserted, a scanner will identify a code number which is linked to information about the pet's owner. It may take several days to register the microchip and your information with the program, but after that there is nothing else to be done except informing the microchip provider of your new address if you should move. Your pet is identified for the rest of his or her life.

At Citizens for Animal Protection, every adopted cat and dog over 4 months of age is microchipped and registered through Pet Point's 24PetWatch which is a national pet recovery program. The microchip number is registered in Pet Point's 24 Hour Pet-Watch national registry which can be accessed by CAP employees. The microchip can be scanned at any veterinary clinic or animal shelter that has a scanner. If your animal were to get lost, he/she can be reunited with you anywhere throughout the USA.

CAP provides microchip services daily to the public for the low cost of $30.00 from 10AM-6PM daily.  

Whether you have your pet microchipped at CAP or at your veterinary clinic, please have it done......

A microchip is your pet's phone call home!!!!